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Strong, loyal and, er, strong! The Brass Butt is Eric Normal's best friend and constant companion. BB (as he's known to his friends) comes from a long line of Brass Butts. His father was a Brass Butt. His father's father was a Brass Butt. His father's father's father was a just a tin butt, but that guy's dad was a Brass Butt too!


BB can stop an army of tanks with one hand tied behind his butt. But he’s not the brightest of superheroes. Luckily, he's very clear on his role: Eric thinks, he punches! The Brass Butt is always eager to follow Eric's lead, and often with disastrous results because he's rarely capable of following even the simplest plan beyond "Okay BB, now listen..." - he's got the "now listen" part down, but everything after that is just a blur!

Although the brass butt he wears is a mere accessory, he chooses to "express" his super-strength through the heavy chunk of metal attached to his bum. It may be easier to use his shoulder to knock down a wall, but BB will always go butt first. And of course, his brass butt is prone to falling off at the most inappropriate - and embarrassing - times – usually revealing comedy boxer shorts!

BB would do anything for Eric. He eagerly compensates for Eric's lack of superpowers by picking up his friend and hurling him into action so Eric can "fly" - usually straight into the side of a building! With just a few more brain cells, The Brass Butt could be a superhero legend - or at least make it through the day without squishing one of the other students!