A Game based on Supernormal was released on the CITV website.


Brass Butt has been captured and imprisoned by Mr. Bad, and it’s Eric's job to track down his superhero costume and then rescue Brass Butt.


There are two levels. In level 1, Eric needs to get his pants, cape and gloves while avoiding the many traps and pitfalls that stand in his way. On level 2, Eric needs to find a key to get BB out. All this is against the clock.


  • Run Left - Left Arrow
  • Run Right - Right Arrow
  • Jump Left - Left Arrow & Up Arrow
  • Jump Right - Right Arrow & Up Arrow
  • Dive Left - Left Arrow & “D” Key
  • Dive Right - Right Arrow & “D” Key
  • Crouch - Down Arrow and also you can do a special move

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