Stop Clowning Around is the first episode of Season 1, it aired on 1 September 2K07.


Eric and the Superchums have to tackle Tickles the Evil Clown. He's tired of everyone laughing at him and vows to destroy Crumptonville with a giant pie.


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  • Eric Normal
  • Brass Butt
  • Buzz Girl
  • Changerella
  • Tickles the Clown
  • Mr. Bad
  • Annoying Boy
  • Man
  • Skeleton
  • Patron
  • Park Man
  • Ring Master
  • Reporter
  • Eric's Mom
  • Woman 1


  • Tickles uses acid to dissolve a man's skin, reducing him to a skeleton, but still alive. It is likely that the world of Supernormal is in a state similar to Miracle Day in Torchwood Series 4, in which people cease to die no matter how badly they are injured due to Toon Physics.
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