Sometimes evil just needs a hug - and Changerella's just the girl to do it. Driven by eternal optimism, Changerella just wants to make Earth a nicer place.



If you ever need a bright pink tank that shoots daffodils, Changerella's the superhero that you should call. A powerful shape-shifter, Changerella can morph into anything.

Despite her optimism she has no problem with getting down and dirty when someone clashes with her vision of the world order. She can be a whirling dervish of adorable ferocity!

The most empathetic of the group, she often feels bad for foiling the villain's plans to rule the world and hurting his or her feelings. Caring and sensitive, Changerella finds that tipping the cosmic scales in the battle between good and evil is totally boring. She's just as willling to do battle against a villain because he trampled a flowerbed as she is because his nasty alien spaceship fleet threatens the planet!

In her spare time, Changerella likes to collect greetings cards and memorise the sayings from inspirational posters.

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