Buzz Girl has all the powers of a bug. Sure she can fly, climb walls and spin a web - but she also has strong cravings for sugar and a long, unpredicatable tongue.

Buzz Girl

Buzz Girl.

Sarcastic and cunning, Buzz Girl is a rule breaker illing to bend the rules if it'll help the group to succeed. In Eric's case he'll break a rule to achieve a higher good - Buzz Girl just thinks it's fun.

Buzz Girl always viewed herself as an outsider, and in Eric she found the ultimate outsider - a kid with no superpowers at all. Besides, who else is Buzz Girl going to hang out with? The ultra-vain Captain Scrumptious? Yeah, right!

Buzz Girl's darker nature can most likely be blamed on her family. A few members of her extended hive have dedicated their powers to the forces of evil and now operate as villains. Needless to say, this makes family gatherings a little uncomfortable…

Regardless of her strong personality, she is still ruled by her bug impulses. She's capable of flight - if you can call zigging and zagging and bouncing off windows like a fly "flying" - and is often compelled to bang her head against the nearest lightbulb. She's cool and level headed.

Just don't call her "four-arms"!

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